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February 15, 2009


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michael cardus

Twitter has been making a large buzz in the web world for almost 2 months now.
About one month ago I started using it much more agresively. I am now hooked!

I enjoyed reading about your innovation ideas for developing greater trageted tweets. I am finding more and more great content and marketing from those who are marketing others and not just themselves. Also the innovation and sharing of ideas increases the pool of knowledge.

I view Twitter as a TRIZ resource. Someone has alredy mastered the process, Twitter is how to find them and innovate the solution to fit your needs.

My twitter - http://twitter.com/TeamBuildingNY

Edward Savage

I had the great pleasure of meeting with Bob Johansen from the Institute for the Future. They have forecasts that include this very environment of active, geopositioned, relevant streams, or filters.

Drew Boyd

Thanks, Edward. I've met Bob, and I have always been impressed with IFTF. I'm not surprised to hear they have this mindset in some of their work. (Makes me wonder if they are using a systematic method!) The message for the team at Twitter is they need to embrace groups like IFTF and start piloting revenue models...before someone does it for them.


I see the benefit of using AD with Twitter, but did not understand how do you monetize the services.
Who needs the twitter smart sense? Who will pay for them?

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