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June 07, 2008


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Amir Elion

Hi Drew,
I think it is quite interesting to see where web 2.0 will lead us on this matter.

I think there is a major point that should be taken into consideration for social innovation to succeed.
I believe that one of the factors that is important for the success of innovation processes is the live interaction between participants. I have seen idea generation workshops/session succeed with people of all sort and with various processes/tools (e.g. SIT, SCAMPER or other). A major issue for the success is the energy and dynamics that the group generates, as well as the fact that ideas can be pick-up quickly and energize the generation of yet more ideas.
I am not sure how this can be adapted to a web social tool - if I try to imagine the ultimate tool it would include some sorts of group "chat" that allows participants to join and see things happening "live".

For me at least, a great part of the enthusiasm of innovation is the joy of doing it live with other people, and seeing ideas rising "out of no-where".


Thanks, Amir, for the insights. I agree that the online approach will have to somehow capture that same human interaction dynamic, replace it with something else, or perhaps improve upon it. The "will to ideate" is transitory. People go in and out of it depending on what they are experiencing. Social innovation tools will need to 1. structure ideation, and 2. leverage the human stimulation element that we observe in live sessions. Time will tell!

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